Feb. 20th, 2011

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But I have another novel in mind. And it is already plotted out fairly thoroughly.

Well, I have an outline of the key plot that is 2500 words. And I have a really strong, deeply connected sense of the emotional arc of the four main characters. There is a sub-plot not involving them that needs to happen, but one that will, I suspect, be easy enough to insert when the time comes for it.

Only thing is...I can only think of a handful of sex scenes in it that won't be either outright rape, forced, or coerced sex. Oh, and with a good dollop of religion in there too.

It's in the same world at Room of Ministrations. I will need to work on the world building in it, but the seriously messed up power games between the two pairs (and across the pairs) are the core of it. Room feels like it needs a lot of world building, probably because it is set in the amongst the hustle and bustle of the society of the time, out in the open. Whereas this one is often quite literally underground, or hidden from society, so it feels a little less needed to flesh out scenes, though very necessary for character background. World and society, of course, influences character, and I think that what I know about the world of Room is almost enough for this one.

Both stories have eaten parts of my brain. And I think that in order to write Room with a greater clarity, I need to actually outline as I did with this one. To make it feel whole. This story feels whole. As scary as it was at first to think it could be more than just a messed up fantasy in my head, it feels right.

More later. The work that I have under my own name needs attention.


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