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Well, I'm feeling a little better about my word count today. I do have many words to catch up on, but have worked out if I can manage 2800 a day then I will still be able to make the 50,000. This is encouraging.

The sense that most of the words that are pouring out of me are terrible is less encouraging, but I felt better about that today. Even as I write I can see some of the issues I'm going to have with world building, areas I'll need to think about more to make the plot work. Certainly learning about my weakness as a writer, which is useful to know and to think about.

I feel bad for having such an extended slump leaving me to get through copious amounts of words so late in the game. This is partly because I feel that at 1700 words, I could have had a better shot at producing less suspect prose. I think though had I thought about the novel a little more before hand I would have been more prepared for the scenes, understood their dynamics better than. My main characters, at least, are mostly adhering to how I envisioned them at first. I suspect one of them, however, I'll need to have a rethink about it. How to handle someone quite concerned with duty and fairness but also with a love of teasing. He is possibly the most interesting of my main three, but the hardest to write about effectively as well.
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