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But I have another novel in mind. And it is already plotted out fairly thoroughly.

Well, I have an outline of the key plot that is 2500 words. And I have a really strong, deeply connected sense of the emotional arc of the four main characters. There is a sub-plot not involving them that needs to happen, but one that will, I suspect, be easy enough to insert when the time comes for it.

Only thing is...I can only think of a handful of sex scenes in it that won't be either outright rape, forced, or coerced sex. Oh, and with a good dollop of religion in there too.

It's in the same world at Room of Ministrations. I will need to work on the world building in it, but the seriously messed up power games between the two pairs (and across the pairs) are the core of it. Room feels like it needs a lot of world building, probably because it is set in the amongst the hustle and bustle of the society of the time, out in the open. Whereas this one is often quite literally underground, or hidden from society, so it feels a little less needed to flesh out scenes, though very necessary for character background. World and society, of course, influences character, and I think that what I know about the world of Room is almost enough for this one.

Both stories have eaten parts of my brain. And I think that in order to write Room with a greater clarity, I need to actually outline as I did with this one. To make it feel whole. This story feels whole. As scary as it was at first to think it could be more than just a messed up fantasy in my head, it feels right.

More later. The work that I have under my own name needs attention.
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I wound up deciding not to try and finish Nano this time. Partly because I knew I was not going to finish the story itself, and partly because I had things that really needed to be done that weren't writing related.

It would have been lovely to finish the draft, but I can still take some things away from this:

* I definitely have the beginning of the book. The events I have down are perfect for the beginning of a story.
* I realised that it would have been good, as I did a few years ago when I won Nano, to have done a bit more finer plotting before launching into writing it in such a short space of time. It something to learn at least.
* Writing did give me more ideas for the world I've set up, and also shown me that I need to do more work on it as well.
* Has made me certain that I do want to tell this story.

So, I have my 28,000 words, and am happy with that. What I will be doing here though is keeping on posting about the work on the novel. Perhaps not in the next week, but sometime soon. I look forward to getting back into it, but for now, I'll be happy with what I've got.
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Well, I'm feeling a little better about my word count today. I do have many words to catch up on, but have worked out if I can manage 2800 a day then I will still be able to make the 50,000. This is encouraging.

The sense that most of the words that are pouring out of me are terrible is less encouraging, but I felt better about that today. Even as I write I can see some of the issues I'm going to have with world building, areas I'll need to think about more to make the plot work. Certainly learning about my weakness as a writer, which is useful to know and to think about.

I feel bad for having such an extended slump leaving me to get through copious amounts of words so late in the game. This is partly because I feel that at 1700 words, I could have had a better shot at producing less suspect prose. I think though had I thought about the novel a little more before hand I would have been more prepared for the scenes, understood their dynamics better than. My main characters, at least, are mostly adhering to how I envisioned them at first. I suspect one of them, however, I'll need to have a rethink about it. How to handle someone quite concerned with duty and fairness but also with a love of teasing. He is possibly the most interesting of my main three, but the hardest to write about effectively as well.
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Hmm. This week I really fell off the mark with the writing. I wasn't able to catch up on the Monday after being away for Saturday and Sunday, and Tuesday/Wednesday are just crazy days, and Thursday I used to regather my head space.

But things are looking up a little. The wonderful Nano calculator spreadsheet I found tells me that I need to do 2300 words a day to catch up, which granted is a lot, but I was having horrific thoughts that

As a result of feeling a bit silly for letting myself slack off I've also avoided this journal and thus haven't been commenting on anyone's entries. Apologies! After tomorrow's writing round that will hopefully be rectified.

But for the moment, this is what I have.

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Today, like yesterday, was not a good day for writing. After a hectic start to the week (which I really should anticipate better since it will always be hectic until the start of summer next year) I decided I'd have a break Thursday night.

However, the break managed to extend itself into today as well. This was stupid and careless of me, as tomorrow I will be away and not taking my computer with me. I managed some writing, just under 1,200 words, which at least brings my total past 6000.

Sunday will be interesting in terms of trying to get the words out.

Nano: Day 3

Nov. 4th, 2010 07:54 am
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I'd forgotten what this build up of a good chunk of words at a steady rate feels like. I have been writing a lot in my other life, yes, but not with nearly the same productivity. It occurs to me that I should, in future, be more careful about sticking to one project at a time, rather doing silly things life setting minuscule word counts for several projects. Much more really is getting done this way.

With this count, I have finished chapter 1. And now the more...enticing parts of the story are about to commence.

Name change

Nov. 2nd, 2010 01:32 pm
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Perry needs a new name. It is becoming obvious it is a little too similar to Henry, and I'd really rather keep Henry than Perry. Cross as a surname is staying, but the name does need altering.

I could easily just go with Rupert, of course...will have a think about this.

Nano: Day 1

Nov. 1st, 2010 06:17 pm
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Am quite content with this start. I will have to work to try and keep the word count up, but I do believe I can make it. My main three characters have all made their entrances, and I do believe I've seeded the conflict already.

For visual reference, just so you, my dear readers, know who inspired me:

* Andrew Buchan for Jem

* Greg Wise for Lord Henry Lavenham

* Rupert Graves for Perry Cross
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Why does Lord Henry Lavenham adore this place for his sexual pleasure above all others?

And, indeed, what happens therein?

Who are the accoutrements? Why does Perry Cross (Esquire), disapprove?

And who exactly is Jem Buchanan, with his melancholy innocent eyes and quiet disposition?

These questions and many more will be explored in the forthcoming Room on Ministrations, by Emilia Schultz.


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